February 2018
PRO DESIGN Introduces Zynq™ UltraScale+™ Based FPGA SoC and IP Prototyping Platform [more]
June 2017
PRO DESIGN Expands Prototyping Portfolio with ultra-fast proFPGA Virtex® UltraScale+™ based FPGA Modules [more]
February 2017
PRO DESIGN Launches Intel® Stratix® 10-based High-Speed Multi FPGA Prototyping Solution [more]
Stratix 10 FPGA Prototyping
Technical highlights

Handling up to 20 M ASIC gates capacity

Modular with 1 x Intel® Stratix® 10 SG280 FPGA

Up to 1026 free user I/O

Up to 8 individually adjustable voltage regions

Up to 1.0 Gbps single ended point to point speed

FPGA Mixing Technology (FMT)
Easy plugging and unplugging of FPGA modules on motherboard
Various FPGAs from different vendors (Xilinx® and Intel®) can be mixed
Automatic scanning and detection of FPGA modules, when plugged
Different FPGA configurations are handled and controlled by profpga Messenger
Smart Stacking Technology (SST)
Automatic Board detection when boards are plugged
Automatic and right I/O voltage setting and programming with conflict detection
Integrated interconnection self and performance test
Smart I/O resource management. No I/O resources get lost or get blocked by connectors
Device Message Box Interface (DMBI)
High speed, low latency data exchange system
Enables various use modes like remote system configuration and monitoring and debugging
Up to 3.5 Gbps data transfer rate
Runs over USB or Ethernet
Advanced Clock Management (ACM)

Run-time configurable local clocks. Fully synchronous derived clocks with sync signals.

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