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June 2017
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February 2017
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proFPGA quad V7
Technical highlights

Scaleable up to 120 M ASIC gates capacity on one board

Modular with up to 4 x Xilinx Virtex® XCVU440 FPGAs

Up to 5308 signals for I/O and inter FPGA connection

Up to 40 individually adjustable voltage regions

Up to 1.0 Gbps single ended point to point speed

proFPGA quad Virtex® UltraScale™ 440 FPGA Prototyping System Specification
   FPGAs    - Up to 4 x Xilinx Virtex® XCVU440 FPGA Modules
   Capacity    - Up to 120 Million ASIC gates on one board (30 Million ASIC gates per FPGA Module)
   FPGA-internal memory    - Up to 354,400 kbits on one board (88,600 kbits per FPGA Module)
   Signaling rate    - Up to 1.0 Gbps single ended (standard I/O)/ up to 12.5 Gbps (MGT) differential
   Extension sites    - Up to 40 extension sites with high speed connectors
   I/O resources    - Overall 5308 signals for I/O and inter FPGA connection
     - 1327 free I/Os per FPGA Module
        - 4x153 I/Os and 1x52 I/Os and 1x51 I/Os to top side connectors
        - 4x153 I/Os to bottom side connectors
     - Single-ended or differential
   High Speed I/O transceivers    - 192 dedicated MGTs running up to 16 Gbps
     - 48 MGTs (up to 12.5 Gbps) per FPGA Module
   FPGAs interconnections    - Flexible via high-speed interconnection boards or cables
   Voltage regions    - 40 individually adjustable I/O voltage regions
     - 10 individually adjustable voltage regions per FPGA Module
     - Stepless from 1.0V up to 1.8V on 9 extension sites, from 1.0V up to 3.3V on one extension site
     - Automated detection of daughter card and adjustment of right voltage
   Clocking    - 288 differential external clock inputs
     - 72 differential clock inputs per FPGA Module
     - 8 differential clock inputs per connector
   - 4 external clock/sync inputs/outputs over HF SMA connectors
   - Run-time configurable local clocks
     - 8 global clock and sync signal inputs per motherboard
     - Fully synchronous derived clocks with sync signals
   Configuration    - With host software via Ethernet, USB 2.0, PCIe or standalone over USB stick or JTAG
   Data exchange    - On board DMBI (Device Message Box Interface)
   - Data exchange rate:
     - Ethernet (up to 100 Mbps)
     - USB (480 Mbps)
     - PCIe (up to 3.5 Gbps)
   Power    External (optional) ATX Power Supply (12 V, 24 - 35 A output)
   Dimensions    - 11.81" x 0.95" x 12.20" / 300 mm x 24 mm x 310 mm (width x height x depth)
   - 2.5 kg weight


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