November 2017
PRO DESIGN announces Partnership with AcconSys as new Distributor in China and Hongkong for its proFPGA Product Family [more]
June 2017
PRO DESIGN Expands Prototyping Portfolio with ultra-fast proFPGA Virtex® UltraScale+™ based FPGA Modules [more]
February 2017
PRO DESIGN Launches Intel® Stratix® 10-based High-Speed Multi FPGA Prototyping Solution [more]

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A long-term customer satisfaction, flexibility and performance are our top priority to satisfy our customers. Therefore Pro Design offers just after reaching the production stage an excellent after sales service. We are mastering the full range of repairs for electronic circuit boards and complex components such as BGAs, FPGAs or LGAs.

All work is carried out naturally in ESD-compatible with high-quality jobs and soldering equipment, from the careful replacement of individual components through to the BGA balling. Quickly and competently, we create a diagnostic for defective components. Our purchasing department dispatched and promptly procured all necessary spare parts for repair. Convince yourself of our additional offer!


Replacement of BGAs and μBGAs (BGA balling)

Modification of existing electronic components, devices and systems

Manual changes and rework


Repair service (including foreign-made ​​products)

Repair documentation and analysis

Spare parts supply


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  • Consulting
  • Hardware development
  • Soft-/Firmware development
  • PCB-Layout
  • Mechanical construction
  • Material procurement
  • SMT and THT assembly
  • Refelow- vapor phase, wave soldering
  • Mechanicak assembly
  • Test and measurement
  • Logistic
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